We are operating since 2007.

We work hard with honesty and integrity. We understand that every client’s requirements are unique. This is why, we deliver customized, personal solutions that are specifically tailored to meet clients’ needs.

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Mission & Vision

To provide high quality services with honest price, to increase the number of services according to market requirements, satisfy customers that builds long-term relationship and support SME projects.

Corporate Value

To be accessible any time, to be justice and reliable, to provide effective and efficient solutions, to be accurate and responsible in all projects, to implement flexible and user friendly services.

Talented Team

We have more than 60 talented team members, such as, designers, developers, testers, network admins, projects managers, from various countries, specially, USA, Canada, Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia & India.

Before Starting Any Project We Listen Carefully!

We consider that, listening skill is the most important part of project for Small & Medium sized Business. This is why, before starting any project, we listen carefully, draw the logic of functionalities and ask many questions.

Our Team Members

We respect your organization’s unique culture and history. We customize our services to fit your needs. We share best practices and collaborate with other service providers in order to better serve.


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